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Diligence and precision are characteristics for technologies and systems of mts Microtunneling Systems. An experienced team continuously improves the quality and operation mode of our systems, as well as developing completely new solutions for changing circumstances and surroundings.

mts combines flexibility and cost efficiency with the highest service quality. Furthermore mts highly values every customer’s wishes and strongly focuses on personal assistance to establish a satisfied long-term relationship. This is achieved by a flat hierarchy, lean structures, qualified employees and an efficient management.

History of a strong community


Foundation of the Schmidt, Kranz & Company. As supplier of the Central German potash mining industry, SK gained in importance. Manufacturing facilities and administrative buildings were built in Nordhausen.



The company was transferred into the possession of Prof. Dr. Karl Glinz. Due to a crisis in the potash mining industry. SK extended its product range with reprocessing plants and hydraulic engineering facilities according to patents of Prof. Dr. Glinz. In the early thirties the NORMAG tractor was successfully included into the program.



In December 1945 the NORMAG Zorge GmbH was founded and under the direction of Mrs. Cäcilie Glinz and Dr. Hans-Karl Glinz the production of spare parts for tractors and for the mining industry restarted.


Enlargement of the plant in Zorge. High pressure hydraulic systems, Tigrip-load-carrying equipment and Airator air cleaner were developed and successfully integrated into the product range.



The production of SK mining equipment was shifted to a new plant in Walkenried, later site of the PERFORATOR GmbH



Enlargement of the plant in Walkenried, all products are manufactured here except the high-pressure systems.



Introduction of the PERFORATOR thrust boring program.

Pia - Sophie Yankah & Mortimer Glinz - 4th Generation
Pia - Sophie Yankah & Mortimer Glinz - 4th Generation



Establishment and integration of mts Perforator Microtunnelling Systems based in Valluhn. Competences in tunneling technology and the human capital result mainly from the former LOVAT mts tunneling systems



Expansion of the production plant to raise the production capacity



Outsourcing of the Thrust boring branch to mts Perforator GmbH



Merger between mts Perforator GmbH Microtunnelling Systems (Valluhn) and Perforator GmbH (Walkenried) into mts Perforator GmbH to make processes more efficient as well as to profit from lean structures and synergies.



Restructuring - both branches Valluhn (mts Microtunneling Systems GmbH) and Walkenried (PERFORATOR GmbH) will act as independent entities again. Both companies concentrate on its core competences and remain part of the SCHMIDT KRANZ GROUP.